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One friend, a young girl, asked me about LJ, and nostalgia just washed over me. I used to have so much fun here. :)

After two years working hard as a translator/proofreader, I intended to have a break last Sep. However my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She stayed with me a lot and again I started to get involved in different projects(Hopefully there will be a book I cooperate with others being published). So I've been even MORE tired after I quit the job. -.-

Now no more urgent projects I feel stressed. Worried about the life. Most of my friends they are thinking about settling down, studying for national exams, things like that. What amazes me is they never think about going away to somewhere, because I think about it all the time. :/ I feel I am just a traveller who has to stop here for a long time.

Anyone who's accidentally read this tiny random entry, if you've found your place and peace, I am really happy for you.
A lot are going on.
Being an English tutor;picking up my guitar again (working my power chords);learning German.

Sometimes I miss my old life. I miss living in Europe, but I can only live for now.

Maybe I will go back to Europe or whatever, living lifestyle that would drive my mom crazy. Who knows? lol
Maybe I write my own song tomorrow.
you think you've found the one, but the one belongs to another person.

well, it still sucks even it has occured too many times.


I am beyond caring.   
I am alive.
I am working (in a translation company). And it's like living in the other world.

I turned 24 as Orlando turned 32 2 days ago. Time starts to scare me a bit.
So I was back home last week. Had got over the jetlag.

But I just found that some close friends of mine aren't close to each other anymore :O I was like, WTF, I've only gone for a year! One of them blew off, whining about not getting enough  attention. Then everything went crazy because after vanishing for months she came back to ask for reconciliation. I am not really involved but caught in the middle. What bothers me the most is that she seems to meet someone who brainwashes her with all the spiritual crap, which promps her to go back to us. I don't feel 'the bond' she's been rambling about. I only feel she is on crack. I talked to her twice on the phone today. She was crying on the first and I thought it might be the rejection from my other friends, but she said no, she just felt so touched (by what??? I had no idea) And then she hung up on me. WTF??  Another call came later in the evening, and embarassingly I was using the loo. And the only thing she said was "Are you thinking about me???" "Er no, I'm just done using the loo" And she GIGGLED and HUNG UP ON ME for the second time. What? friend? What?! Are you high?? lol
Unlike others who feel weird out, I can still stay in touch with her, but my god she has to stop this bullshit .


I shouldn't be awake now.
But I made a mistake re-reading Kite Runner before I went to bed. Then I decided to re-watching the film, but the version I watched has a very bad subtitle. I ended up covering half of my screen to avoid the distracting translation to just listen.

The book always reminds me how I used  to want to  be a writer myself. :/

Talking about 'used to ' I just listened to Northen Star by Mel C and wibbled a bit.  And a lot of boyband stuffs. haha
I don't pay attention to what is on MTV anymore, but damn those day were silly yet wonderful in a way. :)   


I'll move back to Taiwan next month. The chance of working in the UK seems slim to me, so it's time to go back and face the reality. hmmm

Recently I've got into photoshop lol. I am a newbie, so my wallpapers/icons are going to suck a little bit. Bare with the lame please 

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Hm...now I am focusing on my extended translation for graduation. June is going well so far.

Like I mentioned, I've been working with Chinese magazine for a while, as a copy editor. It's fun and fulfilling. The launcher of this publication is not a Chinese, but he's really into it. I guess my works are satisfying enough, so he keeps contacting me, find time to talk to me in person, and discuss different kind of issues with me. At first , I found it was wonderful to have someone to listen to me. BUT now I feel kinda smothered.
I can't judge what kind of interests he has in me, it's just not my style to report my schedule all the time. Like last night I went to Cardiff with my friend and we came back pretty late. He texted me about he calling my landline and feeling worried. It was weird and .....just weird.

Do other people interact and have social life like this?

*is retarded*
It is always wonderful when you witness something beautiful and have someone to share. Hope everyone have a good new week

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By the way, I saw Indiana Jones yesterday, I dislike George Lucas, but I  heart Mr Harrison Ford. <3
 Wow I don't suffer from PMS this time, like amazing, right?

Um I have crush on a technician in the language lab. *sign* It's not like omg I love him I wanna stay in the UK and have babies for him kind of crush. Seeing him everyday just makes me warm inside. :)

OK I am slightly jealous of his girlfriend, who's a Chinese as well.


One more exam this term is over!
A nd I helped a classmate solve some software problems!
Just spread the good vibe!