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I'll move back to Taiwan next month. The chance of working in the UK seems slim to me, so it's time to go back and face the reality. hmmm

Recently I've got into photoshop lol. I am a newbie, so my wallpapers/icons are going to suck a little bit. Bare with the lame please 


I've just come back home after 2 weeks spent in England and I miss it so much... I can't imagine how hard for you it must be to go back home...=/

And the wallpapers are great! I love Hardly breathe <33
Living in the UK is not actually easy for me. The price level is <.<
But I also have tried to stay, sending out applications to get a job. I've tried my best even it doesn't work it's still a good experience. :)

I will miss it here as well. I hope I can come back to europe in the future.
Good luck in Taiwan. *Hugs* :)