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It's May O.Oso...
I've been living in the UK for 8 months.
My original plan was going back to TW right after I finish all I have to do and find a job, but I do feel like it's not enough now.
I start to consider staying longer, but I don't know what I can do after September. It's not like someone is going to hire an international student with no working experiences.

Anyway, I am doing some editing works for a Chinese-based online publication. It makes me feel I am USEFUL.


Going to Germany in June.
Insomnia is annoying.

I am following my schedule strictly. Writing essay, doing preparations for my project...etc. I am fairly satisfied with myself ,but I can't fall asleep normally. >.< 
Legs are sore from walking too much, but lovely place. It snowed a bit on Monday. :)
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Another traditional holiday I've never experienced before. Happy Easter?!
Most of my classmates fly out of the U.K., either going back to TW to vote for presidential election, or going on vacation in France. I decide to stay here to do my essays and group project, which I am the chief terminologist (sp? and if I know what it is haha)

However, I decide I need to breathe some fresh air too because I totally freaked out when I received an email concerning latest assessed essay from my professor. lol Given that no one was with me last night, I was literally screaming SCREW ESSAYS! inside
I am going to Brighton and Canterbury next week, getting out of Wales to see the other side of the U.K :)

Sorry if it seems I've lost contact with people. I feel disconnected with a lot of things sometimes.

Good luck!

Join linkin park media
I was in Oxford last weekend. If I could rush to BAFTA in London and saw Viggo/Orli I would LOL.

But I had a good time there. The weather was great, sky so clear.

I babbled about LOTR to my friends, but no one seemed to take interest -.-

I am going to Sheffield tomorrow, to attend a Linkin Park concert. I will also see them in Manchester and London. I feel like a teenage again.
I love live shows, because you know even though we don't know each other, we share the passion and enthusiasm.

I am also thankful that this time I am not going alone. I often travel by myself to see live show or concerts. Most of time no one around me knows those artists I adore. I don't feel lonely, but it adds to the excitement if someone's by your side.

I am really thankful.  
The school has started. I am glad. I am kinda sick of being lazy. I also hate being indoor all day.


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I really miss my mom every time I see the trailer of National Treasure sequel. I remember she really likes the movie. She loves action movies, like Mission Impossible and 007. Endearing right?  Though she  is really dissatisfied with Daniel Craig. I was outside when she watched the DVD, and she called me on my cell, complaining about  "why the hell they choose him ?!!"

Off to Prague today. Merry Xmas in advance!
I didn't expect Orlando to appear on Yahoo TW homepage

Just WOW <3333333

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Feeling lonely and empty tonight even though nothing is going on.

Essay progress
Try not to put meaningless sentences into it, but I really want to get it over with.

Also spending way too much pounds on renting movies. I am not really a download person. I can't help it, especially when I feel all empty and lonely. I wish I had someone to talk to now, in English, in Chinese, whatever...