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It is always wonderful when you witness something beautiful and have someone to share. Hope everyone have a good new week

Shakespeare, not that I am an expert, but he's really the inspiring one.

inside London Tower

My crush, lol


By the way, I saw Indiana Jones yesterday, I dislike George Lucas, but I  heart Mr Harrison Ford. <3
What nice pictures. Are there always fresh flowers on Shakespeare's tomb? Do you know?
And... are you in London now?
You are such a beautiful girl. <3
hai, Romi!

I am not sure about flowers. I went there on Shakepeare's birthday, so there was a big crowd paying tribute to him.

I now study and live in a city called Swansea in the UK :)But I go to London rather often.

that's amazing that you got to visit shakespeare's tomb. <3 london looks absolutely fab. i adore your subtly creep picture of your crush, ehehe. XD
Yeah I am creepy lol. I pretended I was checking the pics in my camera...