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Hm...now I am focusing on my extended translation for graduation. June is going well so far.

Like I mentioned, I've been working with Chinese magazine for a while, as a copy editor. It's fun and fulfilling. The launcher of this publication is not a Chinese, but he's really into it. I guess my works are satisfying enough, so he keeps contacting me, find time to talk to me in person, and discuss different kind of issues with me. At first , I found it was wonderful to have someone to listen to me. BUT now I feel kinda smothered.
I can't judge what kind of interests he has in me, it's just not my style to report my schedule all the time. Like last night I went to Cardiff with my friend and we came back pretty late. He texted me about he calling my landline and feeling worried. It was weird and .....just weird.

Do other people interact and have social life like this?

*is retarded*
Hi love,

It worries me a bit...
Do you think it's possible to ask your collegues about him?
He would have 'Asian' personality as he cares about you like that though...
Hai Hana Hai!!!

Did you receive my letter? Anyway, I am going to send you something!

FYI, the guy likes me, haha *laugh awkwardly*
He now texts, calls, and emails me every chance he gets. Um, I see him as a friend though