So I was back home last week. Had got over the jetlag.

But I just found that some close friends of mine aren't close to each other anymore :O I was like, WTF, I've only gone for a year! One of them blew off, whining about not getting enough  attention. Then everything went crazy because after vanishing for months she came back to ask for reconciliation. I am not really involved but caught in the middle. What bothers me the most is that she seems to meet someone who brainwashes her with all the spiritual crap, which promps her to go back to us. I don't feel 'the bond' she's been rambling about. I only feel she is on crack. I talked to her twice on the phone today. She was crying on the first and I thought it might be the rejection from my other friends, but she said no, she just felt so touched (by what??? I had no idea) And then she hung up on me. WTF??  Another call came later in the evening, and embarassingly I was using the loo. And the only thing she said was "Are you thinking about me???" "Er no, I'm just done using the loo" And she GIGGLED and HUNG UP ON ME for the second time. What? friend? What?! Are you high?? lol
Unlike others who feel weird out, I can still stay in touch with her, but my god she has to stop this bullshit .